Roxanne studied design at the University of Johannesburg and has experience working in the shopfitting design industry, where she worked on numerous high-end residential, corporate and hospitality projects.

We sat down with Roxanne to see what inspires her in her work as a designer:

What is the most exciting interior design project you have ever worked on?
I would have to say a project I did for a client called the Organic Incubator.
The concept was an internet café/ corporate office space. Reason why I enjoyed this project so much was because I was given free range to design the space.

Roxanne Rynders top south african interior designer
Roxanne Rynders, Interior Designer at Blackline Retail Interiors

What is the most interesting Blackline Interiors project you are working on right now?
It would have to be an Exhibition stand for the well-known fashion designer Michelle Ludek.

Who (or what) are your main interior design inspirations?
I find inspiration in many different aspects of life. I find myself constantly looking for ways of being inspired whether it’s being out in nature, referring to other aspects of design i.e fashion, graphic, industrial or as silly as it may sound even a feeling can sometimes evoke inspiration.

Who is your favourite South African interior designer?
Liam Mooney

What are the two or three biggest interior design trends you predict will be big in 2019?
To me 2019 is about colour. I feel Bright colours are going to make a comeback and be used more prominently in conjunction to the natural raw materials being used at the moment.

Who is your dream retail interior design client?
I would love to work for any client in the hospitality industry especially in Dubai. I love their use of rich colours, patterns, materials and modern architecture. I find the Iranian, Indian, and Islamic interior designs quiet extraordinary.

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