Effortless Retail Interior Design Trends for 2018

We have our eye on a few simple, strong, colour-driven retail interiors design trends to give your store an on-point makeover in 2018.

Retail interior design trend #1: Make a statement with monochromeblack and white monochrome retail interior design trend 

A black and white retail interior design colour palette always makes a statement.

The new way to work this striking interior colour scheme is with bold geometric patterns, achieved through lighting effects, stencils, graphics and 3D printed shop-fitting elements.

Keep this retail trend current by thinking back to the 1960’s light, bright and crisp mod fashion and design style. This is a great colour scheme for boutiques and salons that want to make a statement.

Retail interior design trend #2: Go back in time with a retro 70’s colour scheme

retro 70's ruby, millennial pink and teal retail design colour trend

Think all things That 70’s Show. This retro retail colour scheme includes a killer combination of rich teals and ruby reds combined with Millennial Pink (yes Millennial Pink is here to stay as a retail interior trend or a while yet).

The retro retail interior design colour scheme works best when the key colours are brought to life through rich textures, such as velvets, corded fabrics and lush upholstery.

This is a fantastic colour scheme for restaurants and bar interiors that intent to make an impact with the younger consumer market.

Retail interior design trend #3: It’s all about the feel of textured prints

pattern and texture retail interior deist trend for 2017

Get creative with intricately texturedand patterned fabrics, foam boards, flooring and facades.

In a swing away from the industrial and Scandinavian style minimalist interior design trends of the past few years, 2018 will see a (much welcomed, in our opinion!) return to a more maximalist retail interior aesthetic, though the use of pattern and texture.

Geometric patterns, and prints with an African aesthetic will be especially popular this year. Look for chunky prints in navy, maroon, mustard, burnt orange, black and off while colours to get the current aesthetic for your store interior.