The best pop-up shops we’ve seen yet

Pop-up shops are a great way to increase your existing retail brand exposure, and to test a new retail concept in a low-risk manor.

Here are a few of our favourite pop-up shops, that do exactly what a good pop-up shop should do: Get people talking about them!


Blackline Retail Interiors favourite pop-up shop ideas


The Cliff-Side pop-up shop takes its products directly to its target market – right on the mountain side:


It’s easy to see why Irish Beer’s immersive VR and pop-up shop combo experience went viral, the world over:

And then, of course, we have to mention what is probably the most talked-about pop-up shop interior design of 2017 – the most instagrammable Museum of Ice Cream.


If you want to create a pop up shop that gets shoppers shopping – and talking about your brand – give us a call. We have loads of pop-up retail retail interior design ideas waiting for the right client to come along and claim.