Meet the Designer – Snejana Ivanova

Snejana Ivanova joined The Creative Shop team in September 2014 as an Interior Architect and later in 2016 moved over to the sister company Blackline Interiors as Manager and Head Designer. We sat down with Snejana to find out what inspires her design work.

Snejana Ivanova - Interior Designer and Interior Architect

“Design is not just about the space, it’s about the experience.”

What do you love about being an interior designer?

Snejana: As an interior design I find myself grateful to have opportunities where I can create spaces that embody what clients strive to achieve. I am passionate about designing spaces that spark conversation, create memorable experiences and evoke emotional responses. There is both psychology and science behind design. It is about developing well thought out interiors that solves problems. Design is also about marrying form and function to the best of the ability whilst keeping the aesthetic property to the forefront. By incorporating colours, textures, and other senses you achieve happy and cohesive spaces.

“Every project should be viewed as important, no matter the size.”

What do you believe is the key to a successful interior design project?

Snejana: One of my core values as an interior designer is that each project should be dealt with equal importance, yes some require more work than others. However, every client comes to you with the same expectation – to receive a specialised service of excellent quality. Every project can be a statement if approached with enough passion.

Which is your favourite interior design project you have worked on with Blackline Interiors?

Snejana: Although there are a number of projects I have worked on throughout my career, the one that has stood out for me is The Brow Bar. The journey with The Brow Bar started in 2014 where the clients approached Creative Shop to design their first ever store. I was fortunate to work on the design, which has now grown to five stores and a training academy. Throughout the years we have faced many challenges, from tight deadlines to regulatory delays, space constraints and even difficult materials to work. However with time and dedication we have overcome each obstacle, by perfecting the art and creating a model that fits perfectly with their brand. The design of the store reflects the company’s ethos and is aimed to create a luxurious space which is both sophisticated and inviting.

My inspiration on working on the Brow Bar comes largely from the clients values. They are passionate about serving people and making a difference which ultimately is what I believe design is about.


You can view more of Snejana’s interior design work here.