Meet the Designer – Beaunita Adams

We sat down with our own interior designer, Beaunita Adams, who holds a Higher Diploma in Interior Design, to find out what inspires her:

Interior Designer Beaunita Adams

Tell us a bit about your interiors design career, before you joined the Backline Team?

Beaunita: My career in Interior Design began in 2013 after graduating in December 2012 from BHC School of Design in Cape Town. My journey in the industry has been one of variety, gaining experience in residential, corporate and retail design. Although the challenges we as designers face may often be daunting and discouraging, I find that problem solving and innovative thinking is a vital part of growth. Each challenging experience has definitely shaped who I am as a person, and a designer today.


Which Blackline Interiors project stands out for you the most?

Beaunita: One of the projects that have stood out whilst working with Blackline Interiors would be the Granny Goose store in the new Menlyn Mall. Although the time frame was one of the biggest challenges, the end result was one of satisfaction. The clients’ products and joinery items/general design of the store were perfectly integrated with one another, creating a space that really promoted the brand. As this is the whole point of retail design, I felt that the project was a huge success.


What are your future goals for your interior design career?

Beaunita: My aim as an interior designer is to change the way people would interact and move in a space. Design should not only be about creating beautiful products/interiors but it should be about improving lifestyles – whether in residential, commercial or retail. One of the most inspiring things about being in this industry is a satisfied client who will come to you for future work. A personal relationship with the client and an ethical foundation throughout each project will allow for much growth and development for the future!


You can view more of Beaunita’s work here.