Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 – Greenery – incorporated in retail design

We love the new Pantone colour of the year – Greenery. We’ve had our eye on green interiors (in the literal and figurative sense) for some time now.

Green interiors give a sense of tranquility and relaxation to their occupants, and are the ideal environments to inspire growth. That’s why it’s no wonder why green interiors work so well for office environments and retail locations where you want shoppers to linger for longer in a relaxed, nurturing environment.

Here are a couple of our favourite ways to incorporate both the colour green and actual greenery into your retail or office interior.

1. Plants – especially hanging plants and air plants

Hanging plants are the new vertical gardens. They look great – but they are far less effort to maintain and they are also far more water-wise (very important in drought-stricken South Africa) than last year’s craze, vertical gardens.

We love how Father Coffee in Rosebank, South Africa has incorporated hanging plant balls into their shop design to compliment and add depth to their otherwise minimal interior.

Father Coffee Rosebank Interior

See how the pop of fresh, living greenery adds a welcoming depth and living vibrancy to the store interior?

2. Texture – especially rich velvety tones

Greenery works best in retail and business interiors as a textural element.

Green elements need to have depth and texture to add richness to a space. Flat pops of green colour, on the other hand, can often look cheap and immature. Our favourite ways to incorporate a bit of greenery into your commercial space, is to use rich materials – such as leathers and velvets which both reflect and absorb light to add drama and depth – in nature-inspired tones of green, such as olive green and sage.

Just take a look at this restaurant interior, for Mad Giant Brewery by South African interior designer Haldane Martin:

Olive green leather seating adds depth and colour to this interior design

See how the olive green draped leather seat covers add a richness and and organic depth to the interior?

We hope these examples encourage you to incorporate some greenery into your own interior in2017.