Speakeasy Bars – Interior Design Inspiration

We are getting inspired by creative interior designs for speakeasy bars from all around the world.

Original speakeasy bars originated in the United States of America during he prohibition period, between 1920 and 1933 when drinking and selling alcohol was illegal. Speakeasy bars were hidden, illicit establishments that secretly served alcoholic beverages to their very thirsty clientele. Most of these speakeasies were hidden underground or in back rooms of homes, shops and offices.

Modern speakeasy bars, while not illegal, still retain the mystery and secrecy of their forefathers. Interior designers now hide speakeasy bars behind false walls and hidden doors of seemingly innocuous shopfronts. In order to gain entry to a speakeasy bar, you need to know where to find it and perhaps even then use a secret password to get in. Contemporary speakeasy bars are usually designed in opulent vintage or retro styles that create an otherworldly feeling for their patrons. Speakeasies, which grow through world of mouth should offer excellent experiences and an Instagram-worthy interior design to keep young and young at heart customers coming back time and time again.

Here are some of our favourite speakeasy interior designs:


Museum HR Giger Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland 

This steam-punk science fiction themed speakeasy is a masterpiece of high-end fantasy interior design.

Florería Atlántico, Buenos Aries, Argentina

This sea-monster themed bar is hidden behind a fridge in an equally picturesque flower shop upstairs.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency, London, England

To get into this mysterious bar, you have to go through a door hidden in a library bookshelf of the offices of the fictional Evans and Peel detective agency. The bar itself has an interior design that looks like a 1940’s back-office.


Le Syndicat, Paris France

Le Syndicat is a pumping Parisian bar hidden behind a graffiti covered wall.

Victoria Brown Bar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This massive speakeasy is bar hidden behind a bar. The main industrial-style bar opens through a door hidden in a wall the first, smaller space.

The Gin Bar, Cape Town South Africa

This little bar is hidden behind the equally beautifully designed Honest Chocolate Shop. Yum.

Sunshine Laundromat, New York, USA

You get into this retro pinball-machine filled speakeasy by climbing through a stand alone dryer functioning laundromat.