Meet the Interior Designer: Jani Camm

We sat down with Blackline Retail Interior’s newest interior designer, Jani Camm to find out what makes her so passionate about interior design and retail interiors in particular:

Jani Camm, for Blackline Retail Interiors

Tell us a bit about your background (education and work history)

Jani: I finished my BsC (Interior Architecture) degree in 2014 at the University of Pretoria. I started working at Arcrose design studio in Feb 2015, it was a corporate design company. In November 2017 I started my journey with Blackline Interiors where I believe I will grow as a designer and develop my skills to a professional level.

What is the most exciting interior design project you have ever worked on?

Jani: I would have to say the FlexiOffice for Growthpoint in Fredman Towers, Sandton.

What is the most interesting Blackline Interiors project you are working on right now?

Jani: Right now I would have to say Irvine’s is my most interesting project. Irvine’s is a massive chick producing and distributing company all over Africa. They have many stores which they are looking to upgrade with an entirely new approach to the look and feel.

What (or what) are your interior design inspirations?

Jani: Being an interior designer keeps you focused on growth and there is always something new to learn as the trends keep changing, technology evolves and people become more innovative with the type of environments they want to surround themselves with. You can never know enough in the design world.

“You can never know enough in the design world.”

Jani: Who is your favourite South African interior designer?

Jani Elonah O’Neil. When I was studying at the University of Pretoria, she was a guest lecturer in our design studio. Her passion for design was inspiring – she spoke about design as if she lived in her paper architecture world where she could just create and play the whole day. I am intrigued by her work, every project speaks of elegance and the most intricate detail.

What are the two or three biggest interior design trends you predict will be big in 2018?

Jani: I believe the use of raw material accents are here to stay for a while.

I also think colour and patterns will be used more boldly and in unusual ways.

But, while surfaces could be more bold, I think the designs of furniture and spaces will be simplistic.

Who is your dream/goal retail interior design client?

Jani: I wouldn’t say there is one in specific, but I do have a bit of a passion for food and enjoy a quality grocery shopping experience. I would love to design for stores like Woolworths, Lindt Chocolatiers and Haagen Dazs. The food industry just has so many opportunities for design.


Would you like Jani to design your restaurant or coffee shop? Why not drop her an email at